i-GAMING LAW NEWS: Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority achieves further success


It has been recently announced by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority [LGA], the watchdog over the gaming licences in Malta, that there has been a twenty five per centum [25%] increase in the number of licences issued by the LGA in the first six [6] months of the current year. Indeed, from three hundred and twenty one [321] licenses at the end of 2013, the gaming licences went up to four hundred and one [401] licences. Moreover, the number of registered companies to operate in the gaming industry went up by 17% to 258, whilst total revenue from the relative operations also increased by 1.3%.

Boasting of a shorter licensing processing time, LGA Chairman, Joseph Cuschieri has been quoted to have remarked that “Malta is a major player in the global remote gaming industry and our solid reputation was instrumental for our growth trajectory” emphasizing “the importance of innovation and reform in order to maintain a competitive edge and stay ahead of other jurisdictions.

As a follow up on a survey carried out last year, which demonstrated that seventy seven per centum [77%] of the foreign companies operating in the gaming business do not easily find enough Maltese workers with the necessary skills to be employed in this industry, Parliamentary Secretary responsible for gaming, Dr Jose Herrera, announced the launch of a Gaming Academy early next year to increase employment possibilities for the sector in Malta.

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