AVIATION LAW NEWS: Windowless Private Jets with Panoramic Views for Future Travelling


Technicon Design, a French design agency, has recently made public its proposed Ixion Windowless Jet – a windowless private jet along its fuselage – and instead, the interior of its cabin would be able to project footage of the panoramic views on the outside along the route and this on large screens lining the interior of the cabin giving the passengers the impression that they could ‘see-through’ the cabin walls.

Moreover, should the passengers opt not to enjoy the outside panoramic views, the large screens lining the cabin walls could be “changed to show film footage, video conferencing interfaces or various other forms of imagery.”

The Ixion Windowless Jet is deemed as providing a great innovative manner to travelling by means of private jets since although one of the pleasures of flying may be admiring the world below such an experience could be significantly altered in future with the development of a windowless jet.

It has been announced by The Telegraph that US-based engineering firm Spike Aerospace is aiming to launch commercial supersonic (Mach 1.6-1.8) flights in 2018 and expects its aircraft will be able to fly from London to New York in less than four hours. The company expects the aircraft to be built without windows for much the same reasons as those given by French Technicon Design. Spike Aerospace planes, too, would feature thin screens that could display surrounding vistas or screen films and work presentations.

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