TRAVEL & TOURISM LAW NEWS: Publication of papers on Sustainable Tourism Law

A 829 page hard bound publication entitled ‘Sustainable Tourism Law’ was launched during the Third International Conference on ‘Package Directive and Competition Law’ held in October 8 – 9, 2018 at the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies in Lisbon, Portugal.

The publication carries the papers of the leading experts on the travel and tourism from different countries who had participated at the successful International Conference of the preceding year at the same venue, with speakers coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, Malta. United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Austria, Costa Rica, China, East-Timor, Uruguay, Argentine, the United States of America, Brazil and Portugal to mention but a few as well as the United Nations World Tourism Organisation [UNWTO] which in 2017 celebrated the International Year of sustainability.

The subjects addressed included sustainable tourism and consumer protection, the evolution of sustainable tourism in the EU tourism policy, the role of the Widespread Hotel, booking for sustainable tourism services, sustainable tourism in the accommodation sector, planning and sustainable development of tourism resources, taxation of sustainable tourism, sustainability of adventure tourism, global code of ethics for tourism, and world charter for sustainable tourism.

Adv. Dr. Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall‘s presentation published in the above mentioned compilation was entitled the ‘Legal Provisions pertaining to Sustainable Tourism for the Accommodation Sector and their applicability thereto’ addressing relative policies and governance, the GSTC industry criteria, eco-certification, persons with special needs and the hotel industry, social and economic benefits for the local community,  employees’ training, control of chemicals, energy saving initiatives, water and air qualities, building and green areas, cultural heritage as well as certain legal recommendations to amend the Malta Travel and Tourism Services Act.