TD&A NEWS: Participation at ELG Meeting in Tel Aviv

Dr Michael Tanti-Dougall, Senior Partner and Rebekah Tanti-Dougall, Associate, at Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates have participated at the European Law Group (ELG) Meeting, held in Tel Aviv, Israel between November 17 & 18, 2017.

This successful bi-annual ELG Meeting was this time hosted by Law Firm Shavit Bar-on Gal-on Tzin Witkon whose prestigious offices are based in central Tel Aviv.

The agenda for the meeting addressed various matters and included update on the status of each member law firm, mergers & acquisitions, taxation, intellectual property rights, e-commerce and employment law. As is expected during the ELG Meetings, the participants brought with them a wealth of personal legal experience from their respective jurisdictions.

Also discussed were matters which were deemed of mutual interest for all members as well as the exchange of junior lawyers and business opportunities amongst ELG members.

Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates, is a full member of the European Law Group (ELG) which was established some twenty (20) years ago in 1983 and whose members are leading law firms in Europe such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Denmark and also Malta, having the objective to assist respective clients especially on cross border litigation, commercial, corporate, tax and financial matters, in particular within the European jurisdictions where each and every resident law firm provides its professional services. However, that idea eventually expanded to providing legal assistance to clients even beyond Europe in the many jurisdictions around the globe, through a network of law firms in United States, Africa, Central and South America, Australia, Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle and the Far East.

Specific topics of great interest were discussed combating commercial fraud and private arbitration.

The next bi-annual ELG Meeting is scheduled to take place in April 20-22, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary, to be hosted by Nogradi Law Offices.