TD&A NEWS: Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall invited at AVSEC World Conference on Aviation in Washington DC


Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall, Associate at Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates, was invited as key speaker to address the 23rd AVSEC World Conference held in Washington DC, in US, between 27th and 29th October 2014.


The AVSEC World Conference which is organised by the International Air Transport Association better known as IATA, has attracted some four hundred [400] participants including major airlines like American Airlines, Air Canada, Qantas Airways and Etihad Airways, as well as leading aircraft manufacturing companies like Boeing and Airbus, together with major international airports like Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Bahrain Airport. Moreover, given the fact that the AVSEC World Conference dealt with, inter alia, various security aspects pertaining to the aviation industry, many international companies which provide security services to airline and airports participated thereat, including I-SEC International Security, Safran Morpho, Implant Sciences CorportatioN and ISDS – International Security Defense Systems. Security forces from different countries also participated and included the Hong Kong Police Force.


This year’s AVSEC World Conference featured a substantial number of expert speakers who addressed the numerous participants on one of the most topical subject matters at present, it being global cyber threat in the aviation industry. Indeed, key note speakers were chosen from the aircraft manufacturing industry, major airlines, air navigation services providers, international airports and legal experts who shared their insight, experience and views on cyber security threats which is a reality that must be addressed concretely in order to avoid aviation tragedies as well as the many serious consequences arising therefrom, such as having a decrease in travelers which would certainly have a negative impact on the industry.


Such key note speakers included Kristin Lovejoy, General Manager at IBM Security Services, Steve Jackson, Group Head of Security and Facilitation at Qantas and Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall, Associate at Advocates Tanti-Dougall & Associates [Malta].


As a guest key speaker, Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall addressed the AVSEC World Conference on ‘The Legal Implications of Cyber Security in Aviation” highlighting the importance of having an International Convention to address the prevention of cyber threats against the aviation industry as well as the criminalization of the cyber threats. Indeed, she has drafted such a proposed international convention and is confident that the idea will be adopted accordingly for the benefit of the aviation industry as well as of humanity.


Besides her presentation to the participants as a key speaker, Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall was also invited to partake in a panel of experts to discuss strategic defenses and their legal implications, including the lack of international laws to deal with jurisdiction and punishment for those so accused with cyber threats, specifically cyber terrorism.


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