FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Malta’s Tax Incentives Ideal For Film Producers


Paul Breuls, the producer of the film ‘The Devil’s Double‘ shot entirely in Malta in 2010 and currently being shown in cinemas of various US cities, has hailed Malta as ideal for the film industry, identifying the tax incentives offered as attractive enough to make Malta a natural choice.

Indeed, Malta which enjoys a high competitive edge for film producers, was chosen over Jordan,Tunisia and Morocco for the shooting thereof offering “an incentive of up to 22% of eligible expenditure to be obtained as a cash rebate” is reported to have commented Mr Breuls. He further praises Malta as enjoying a good infrastracture with experienced crews, being “tried and trusted and solid, it’s in the EU and euro-driven and its very established.” ‘The Devil’s Double‘ is Antwerp based Corsan, a fully integrated film development, financing and production company.

There is a long list of Oscar and Golden Globe Award winning films which have been shot entirely or in part in Malta including ‘Troy‘, ‘U-571‘, ‘Gladiator’, ‘Popeye‘ and ‘The Da Vinci Code‘.