COMMERCIAL LAW NEWS: Over Euro 60 million Invested in Malta by Manufacturing Companies during 2012


The last edition of the Commercial Courier just published by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, has reported that official statistics show that over the past twelve (12) months a good number of manufacturing companies operating in Malta have, between them, invested over Euro 60 million and this notwithstanding the economic global situation and this not to mention an overall net international investment of Euro 1.56 billion within the manufacturing sector alone having enjoyed a forty (40) per centum increase in foreign direct investment and a twenty (20) per centum increase in export.

Such an impressive investment is the result of what Malta can actually offer to the foreign business community including exceptionally attractive tax rates, adequate factory spaces with many and numerous incentives especially for first time in Malta investors, overall competitive costs and available as well as a well-trained labour force which is English speaking.

All this proves that Malta can be a jurisdiction of choice for both the manufacturing and the services industries.

Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Law Firm, can assist companies with its comprehensive services to set up shop in Malta whether as a result of re-allocation of a business or for a fresh start-up.