Dr. Michael Tanti-Dougall

Born in 1960, Dr. Michael Tanti-Dougall graduated from the University of Malta as a Bachelor in Education Honours (Hons.), Bachelor of Arts (Gen.), Dr. of Laws and obtained a Diploma in Canonical Law. His legal practice covers various fields which include Family Law, Company, Competition and Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Civil and Administrative Law as well as Industrial Law.

Upon finalising his legal studies, Dr. Michael Tanti-Dougall was entrusted with the drafting of the first Competition Act in Malta which followed the EU Law and Practice. Since then, Dr. Tanti-Dougall has written several articles on the subject and in fact he is co-author on the Chapter of Malta published by NexusLexus on European Competition Law edited by Prof. Frank Fine. Today, he is considered as a leading practitioner within the field of Competition Law. Dr. Tanti-Dougall is also a senior visiting lecturer and examiner at the University of Malta.

Dr Michael Tanti-Dougall
Dr Michael Tanti-Dougall
Maltese, English and Italian
  • Diploma in Ecclesiastical Practice on Marriages
  • Bachelor of Education (Hons.) (University of Malta)
  • Bachelor of Arts – B.A. (Gen.): Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology (University of Malta)
  • Doctor of Laws – LL.D (University of Malta)
  • Certificate in Mediation (Malta Mediation Centre)
  • Certificate in Arbitration (Malta International Arbitration Centre)
  • Member of the Chamber of Advocates (Malta)
  • As a Law Firm, member of the European Law Group (ELG).
  • As a Law Firm, member of the International Federation of Travel & Tourism Advocates (IFTTA)
  • Deputy Chairman of the Malta Mediation Centre