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Yacht & Ship Registration | Benefits of the Malta Flag

Historically speaking, it is an undisputable fact that throughout the centuries Malta has enjoyed an excellent reputation for its maritime related services especially with its hard-working labour force. In the distant past, the geographical location of the Maltese islands with their natural harbours in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, played a key role and was sought after by private, commercial and military vessels; the British Navy, for example, having made use of our ports and dockyards for over 180 years.

Today, Malta is equally if not more attractive especially for the tax benefits offered under the Malta Flag which is deemed as an irresistible choice for yacht and ship owners, benefiting from tax exemption on income derived from shipping activities and extremely competitive registration fees … and this apart from having excellent marine related services for super yachts and cruise liners. 

Private yacht owners enjoy an advantageous package when opting to register under the Malta Flag including low registration costs. Commercial yachts, as was previously applicable to ships, also pay an annual tax calculated on net registered tonnage.

Indeed, thanks to such tax benefits, Malta has managed to establish itself as one of the leading shipping registers not only in Europe but also world wide. It is a success story … with the ever increasing number of all types of vessels, from yachts, to super-yachts, to cruise liners including those still under construction, to be so registered in Malta.

Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates is proud to partake in the above-mentioned historical reputation and provides services relating to incorporation of shipping companies, yacht and ship registration, contracts for yacht berthing and for super-yachts mooring.