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FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: Sky | BBC's Sinbad Film Series Being Shot in Malta

Saturday, 23 July 2011 17:37

Malta’s success story in the film industry has proved itself once again when this week, barely two weeks after the shooting of the Hollywood star and film director Brat Pitt’s film ‘World War Z’ has been completed which rendered an income of € 30 million for Malta, there is again much activity with the shooting of the ‘Sinbad’ tv film series, produced by Impossible Pictures and filmed by Sky and BBC. The series is expected to be released in July 2012.

The 13-part series which will be entirely shot in Malta, hailed as “the Hollywood of the Mediterranean”, is expected to inject € 8 million into the local economy making use of the historical fortifications built and/or fortified by the Knights of the Order of St John better known as the Knights of Malta after the 1565 Great Siege against the Ottoman Turks, including the magnificent architectural gems of Fort St Elmo, Fort St Angelo and Fort Rinella.  Some 800 locals are taking part in the filming.

The films feature Sinbad the Sailor, a fictional character who sails the high seas of east Africa and south of Asia aboard his vessel 'Providence' after fleeing from his home in Basrah, Iraq, during the reign of Harun al-Reshid (circa 780 AD) and throughout his seven fantastic and adventurous voyages he encounters numerous monsters and lives magical experiences. The adventures of Sinbad, a Persian name meaning "Lord of the Sindh River", were subject of many films produced over the years with the first film also entitled 'Sinbad the Sailor' having been produced in 1935 under the direction of Ub Iwerks. The historically famous the Sindhi Sailors who have had an excellent reputation for their skills in naviagtion, may well have inspired the stories of Sinbad the Sailor.

The tax incentives available for film producers include a 22 % tax rebate on expenses incurred whilst filming in Malta as well as the historical backdrops available, the fine weather most of the year round and the local talent, make Malta a natural choice. Indeed, 13 films were shot in Malta during 2010.

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