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TAX NEWS: Malta the Jurisdiction of Choice

Thursday, 30 December 2010 09:23

More than double the number of Czech entrepreneurs interested in buying foreign ready-made companies has doubled this year when compared to last year, according to the firm Smart Companies and reported by the Prague Post. Malta has become the jurisdiction of choice for entrepreneurs seeking to operate within the European Union while at the same time taking advantage of a more advantageous tax regime.  Malta’s stable political climate, top class telecommunications facilities as well as a highly educated workforce have all contributed to an increase of 212% in the number of entrepreneurs buying companies in Malta.   Malta has weathered the international financial crises well.  Malta’s financial services has seen steady growth over recent years with an increase in the number of international banks now operating in Malta as well as an increase in funds and insurance companies now operating from Malta.  Future projects such as Smart City, Malta International Airport Business Center and Corporate Village Malta will all definitely contribute to making Malta the business center of the Mediterranean.