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IP NEWS: Success for Apple Inc. in the Tablet Computer Market

Tuesday, 28 December 2010 15:39

CEO and Co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve Job has been last week honoured by the UK's Financial Times as "the Man of the Year", hailing the iPad introduced in January as "the most remarkable comeback in the modern business history". Since its launching for consumers on the US market earlier in April, more than 8 million iPads were sold by the end of September and more than 37.2 million devices are targeted for sale in 2011 making Apple Inc. one of the largest vendors on the global market.

Competitors including Blackberry, Samsung, Dell and Hewlett-Packard are struggling to achieve the success achieved by Apple Inc. which has had yet another two success stories; since 2001, with its iPod in the music player market and since 2007, with its iPhone 4, the touchscreen smartphone having sold 14.1 million thereof during this current year up till end of September, 91 per centum more than in 2009 over the same period. Enjoying a market capitalisation of nearly $ 300 billion, Apple Inc. has been described by a New York analyst as being more than just a company; "it's becoming a cultural phenomenon".