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TD&A NEWS: Talk on Cyber Terrorism in Aviation Industry at Transport Security Expo in UK

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 00:00

Dr. Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall and Dr. Rebekah Tanti-Dougall of Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates, have attended the Transport Security Expo held in London, UK in December 2014. The 12th annual Transport Security Expo proved to be a breakthrough success with a record participation of more than 4,000 visitors from 89 countries and with over 140 global exhibitors and international delegations from 24 countries.

The two day event prides itself of hosting various conferences, including the Aviation Security Conference, addressing risks and threats to the aviation industry, including  the security implications of MH370; the Rail Security Conference, focusing on the current and evolving threats such as counter terrorism strategies and the cyber threat to railways; as well as the Maritime Security Conference, addressing maritime safety and security, in particular the European Union’s maritime security strategy. Workshops as well as live demonstrations were also a main feature at the event.

Dr Rebekah Tanti-Dougall was invited to make a presentation during the Aviation Security Conference on Cyber Terrorism in the Aviation Industry, discussing the importance for the industry to recognise the emergence of such threat, and therefore, the necessity for the industry to be proactive rather than reactionary in its approach to safeguard the airlines and airports.

Advocates Tanti-Dougall & Associates provides various aviation related legal services such as registration of aircraft as well as advice on aviation security including cyber threats.