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TD&A NEWS: Talk on Cyber Terrorism in Aviation and Maritime Industries at IFTTA Prague Conference

Monday, 28 October 2013 21:57

Dr Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall, Partner and Ms Rebekah Tanti-Dougall, Junior Associate, at Advocates, Tanti-Dougall & Associates, have just returned from Prague, Czech Republic, where they participated at the 24th World Conference organized by the International Forum for Travel & Tourism Advocates (IFTTA) held between the 23th and 26th October, 2013.

The successful IFTTA Conference hosted at Charles University of Prague, was well attended by participants from various countries including from Israel, Germany, Russia, Austria, Scotland, Ireland, Armenia, Australia, Holland, Mexico, Czech Republic, Argentina, Japan, Malta as well as from UNWTO, who met to discuss many and varied issues pertaining to travel and tourism industry, inter alia, the EU proposals for a new Package Travel Directive, the new EU Air Passengers Rights Regulations, a new Travel Law in China, the effects of Cyber Terrorism in both the Aviation and the Maritime industries as well as the UNWTO’s draft for an ‘International Convention for the protection of Tourists and Tourists Service Providers’.

IFTTA has been set up thirty years ago to bring together lawyers practicing in their respective countries as well as on the international scenario in the vast and complex travel and tourism fields, to discuss the most recent updates on legislative trends and or proposals on Travel & Tourism Law.

Ms Rebekah Tanti-Dougall delivered an excellent talk entitled “Cyber Terrorism in the Aviation and Maritime Industries” which was well received and much applauded by those present.

She explained that the aviation and maritime industries have always been concerned with safety and security issues, especially since both are deemed fundamental for the carriage of goods and of passengers, with both industries having witnessed disastrous consequences as a result of various vulnerabilities existing within their respective security framework. The aviation industry has been indeed adversely affected when we witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and in the maritime industry, when we experienced the taking over by four armed men of the Italian cruise ship ‘Achille Lauro’ in 1985 off the coast of Egypt. What would be the result of cyber terrorism on the relative industries? She further explained that the threat of cyber terrorism was an emerging and real threat. Given that cyber terrorism is more advantageous for terrorists over the so called ‘traditional terrorism’, the likelihood of being resorted to through the internet has certainly increased. Her conclusion was that in the light of such threat, it was important to analyze whether the current international aviation and maritime legislative frameworks were wide enough to be applied to cyber terrorism, and in the absence thereof, it was of utmost importance to have a specific legislative framework that could provide for adequate security measures to prevent and to criminalize the act of cyber terrorism in both industries.

Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates which has been a full member of IFTTA for the past ten years, provides comprehensive legal advice on travel and tourism to local and foreign clients, including health and safety for the hotel industry as well as for aviation industry, airport safety and security. The Law firm also provides professional services in the drafting of tourism related legislations.