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i-GAMING LAW NEWS: European Parliament's Resolution on Online Gambling

Sunday, 22 September 2013 11:56

The European Parliament has recently approved with an overwhelming majority, a resolution for increased cooperation amongst Member States in the online gambling industry highlighting certain aspects thereof including consumer protection and money laundering. The resolution, which has been hailed as very positive by those involved in the industry, follows the European Commission’s road map on the subject matter adopted in October 2012 and entitled 'Towards a comprehensive European framework for online gambling'.

In a report thereon, European Member of Parliament Ashley Fox, “acknowledges that gambling is an activity of a special nature and must be accompanied by strong consumer protection measures as well as improved cooperation among member states to combat fraud, money laundering and match-fixing in sports, while respecting the subsidiarity principle”, suggesting the setting up of EU-wide 'self-exclusion registers', so that any on line gambler who wishes to self exclude him or herself from gambling or who surpasses his or her gambling limits at one gambling operator, would have the opportunity to be automatically self-excluded from any other licensed gambling operators.

The online gambling industry in Malta has been a success story, contributing significantly to the island’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), directly or indirectly employing in excess of 7,000 persons with some 240 registered companies and more than 400 operating licences. It has been a known fact that local stakeholders in the industry have been lobbying in favour of high responsible gaming standards and consumer protection, prevention of money laundering as well as the right to privacy.

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