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FILM INDUSTRY NEWS: The Malta Short Film Industry Festival 2012

Monday, 17 September 2012 16:38

Another Awards Ceremony of The Malta Short Film Festival which is produced by The Malta Film Foundation, was held on 15th September, 2012 and has attracted many participants from twenty two (22) countries, out of which fourteen (14) are from EU Member States including Malta, whilst eight (8) are from non-EU countries. Nominees for the festival include Spanish production entitles ‘No Words’, American production entitled ‘Asternauts’ as well as Argentinean production entitled ‘The Missing Looks’.

From the one hundred and thirty (130) film productions originally submitted for this year’s festival, forty one (41) films were shortlisted for the final ceremony which awards trophies for various categories including Best Editing, Best Script, Best Production Design, Bets Animation, Best Sound and Best Picture.

With regards to the silver screen productions, Malta has been hailed as “the Hollywood of the Mediterranean”, with a truly success story in the film industry throughout the years with so many international Oscar awarded actors and actresses taking part in all popular films such as Troy, Gladiator, Munich and War Zone Z. Indeed, the Maltese economy benefited from more than € 105 million as a result of the film industry over the past 4 years with some 65 productions from epic films to television series, to documentaries, making use of Malta's rich and historical scenario which is deemed truly unique, making Malta a natural choice for the film industry.

The tax incentives available for film producers include a 22 % tax rebate on expenses incurred whilst filming in Malta.

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