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AVIATION LAW NEWS: Airline Pilot Licence Regulations Simplified

Sunday, 27 November 2011 22:29

Following a long technical consultation process with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and much positive feedback from the Member States and the European Parliament, on 25 November, 2011, the European Commission has announced the introduction of a new regulation which will be applicable as from 8 April, 2012, with the objective to harmonise qualification and medical requirements for pilots, enabling pilots holding a licence issued in one Member State to fly throughout the European Union without the need to fulfil any additional requirements.

The new regulations which are in line with the International Aviation Safety Standards contemplated in the Chicago Convention, which provide as well for certain common requirements for pilots’ examiners, instructors and aero-medical examiners and therefore, of specific interests for pilot training centres, are expected to contribute towards a simpler, more cost-effective and efficient platform for one to be able to obtain both commercial and non-commercial pilot licence; however, it is to be noted that the new regulations also address sailplanes, hot air balloons, airships and powered-lift aircrafts.

EU Commissioner Siim Kallas responsible inter alia for transport, is quoted to have said: "These new rules will simplify the lives of thousands of pilots across the EU while ensuring high levels of safety."

To view the new regulation: