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TD&A NEWS: Russian International Law Conference on Health, Safety & Security in the Travel Industry

Saturday, 05 November 2011 18:10

Dr Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall and Dr Michael Tanti-Dougall, Partners at Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates, have been invited to participate at the 1st International Law Conference on 'Health, Safety & Security in the Travel Industry' held in St. Petersburg, Russia at Corinthia Hotel on Monday 31st October, 2011 .

The International Law Conference was organised by Russian Authorities particularly by the Federal Tourism Agency within the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russia Federation in collaboration with other Ministries including the Department on New Challenges and Threats within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Tourism Authority in St. Petersburg.

Dr Evgeny Pisarevskiy, Deputy Head from the Federal Tourism Agency, who was mainly responsible for the organisation of this international event, chaired the conference which was well attended by over 100 participants mostly from the legal profession.

This International Law Conference addressed various legal issues including insurance implications in national and international travelling, consumers' rights protection, safety and security in land, sea and air transportation with particualar emphasis on airports and the aviation industry, health and safety within the hotel industry, security issues arising from travelling in high risk destinations and the importance of promoting safety for travellers.

Dr Jacqueline Tanti-Dougall addressed the International Law Conference on two topics: 'Health, Safety & Security in the Hotel Industry' with special emphasis on the policies adopted by the CHI Hotels & Resorts Group in its numerous hotels world wide and for which group Dr Tanti-Dougall acts as legal consultant, as well as 'Safety and Security in Aviation - the Legal Implications' delving into the many and complex issues comprising the aviation industry and the most recent security measures adopted at international airports such as the full body scanning machines.

On the other hand, Dr Michael Tanti-Dougall's presentation was entitled 'Protecting Trade Marks and Patents from Counterfeit Products - Certain Legal Implications on Health, Safety & Security in the Hotel Industry' emphasising the importance for a hotel to invest in authentic electrical products and therefore, supporting the ongoing fight against counterfeit electrical products, explaining that from technical tests carried out on electrical counterfeits products, it was discovered that they tend not to be safe and could cause much damage to property.

Particpants at the International Law Conference included Mr Frederic Pierret, Executive Director from the World Tourism Organisation within the United Nations (UNWTO) as well as Mr Reinhard Uhrin from the Action Against Terrorism Unit with the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE).

At the end of the conference, the participants unanimously adopted a resolution recommending inter alia the UNWTO "to consider the preparation and the adoption of compulsory international treaty to protect the rights of tourists and (or) Code of Safety for tourism ... [to the Federal Authorities of the Russian Federation] to  develop and to adopt the doctrine of tourism safety in the Russian Federation ... [to the Legal Profession] to use their experience, knowledge and skills in the sphere of legal safety of tourism, improving protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens, developing a high level of legal culture and 'tourist consciousness' among the subjects of the tourism industry."