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Fiduciaries and Trust Services

Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates provide a wide portfolio of professional assistance in connection with trust and fiduciary services through our corporate subsidiary which has been advising clients in the area for a good number of years, including on all ancillary services necessary for the setting up and for management thereof.

Malta enjoys a much sought after tax regime by those wanting to set up their business in Malta or through Malta especially given the 58 Double Tax Agreements entered into to date, including with Libya.

Needless to say, advice on the best possible tax regime applicable is of Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates' greatest concern and at the same time our pride, for the benefit of our clients who would want to set up a trust under the Trusts and Trustees Act of 2004 or otherwise to establish business within an onshore corporate framework.

Irrespective of the nature of the trust, a trust may directly benefit from Malta’s tax regime. For example, when all the beneficiaries of a trust registered in Malta are not resident in Malta and when all the income attributable to the trust does not arise in Malta, no tax implications are deemed under the local tax regime. Within another context, exemption from both Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax under Malta’s tax regime could be also possible.

A Maltese trust can indeed be as tax efficient as an offshore trust.

Malta enjoys an excellent reputation when it comes to trusts and fiduciaries services to the extent that it is possible for foreign trustee companies to be relocated to Malta and effectively continue their operations from Malta without having to wind up their operations in their country of origin, as long as such foreign companies would be established in an approved jurisdiction. Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates team can assist with the realocation process of foreign trustee companies to set up shop in Malta.