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Employment & Industrial Relations | Employment Law in Malta

Employment law in Malta is mainly regulated by the Employment and Industrial Relations Act of 2002 and a number of subsidiary legislations which practically brought Malta in line with EU legislation including the Contracts of Service for a Fixed Term Regulations, the Collective Redundancies (Protection of Employment) Regulations, the Part-time Employees Regulations, the Transfer of Business (Protection of Employees) Regulations and the Organization of Working Time Regulations.

The Employment and Industrial Relations Act also governs Industrial Relations in Malta, together with subsidiary legislation, as for instance, the Industrial Tribunal Procedure Rules and the Trade Union Regulations.

Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates provides its clients with assistance on a number of key employment law issues, including advice on employment contracts, in particular the use of restrictive covenants and confidentiality clauses, redundancy, maternity and paternity leave, working hours and overtime, health and safety, promotions and wages. Advice is provided during negotiations' process for collective agreements.

We also assist clients seeking to relocate staff to Malta assisting them throughout the process to obtain work permits for both EU and non-EU individuals.

It is to its credit that Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates provides legal services to the Confederation of Malta Trade Unions (CMTU) and a number of unions amongst them the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT), and the Union Haddiema Universita' ta' Malta (UHUM) which represents the library employees at the University of Malta.

Tanti-Dougall & Associates, Advocates represents clients in industrial cases in particular about unfair dismissal and harassment as well as before Disciplinary Boards.